Archive: 03/05/2007

Dogs provide insight into human evolution

German scientists say many species, not just humans, can draw inferences about the intentions of other individuals to cooperate in complex tasks.

Mar 05, 2007
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Study documents evidence of 'mafia' behavior in cowbirds

“The Sopranos” have some competition — brown-headed cowbirds. Cowbirds have long been known to lay eggs in the nests of other birds, which then raise the cowbirds’ young as their own. Sneaky, perhaps, ...

Mar 05, 2007
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Scientists reconstruct migration of avian flu virus

UC Irvine researchers have combined genetic and geographic data of the H5N1 avian flu virus to reconstruct its history over the past decade. They found that multiple strains of the virus originated in the Chinese province ...

Mar 05, 2007
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'Wingman' -- how buddies help alpha males get the girl

Why do some individuals sacrifice their own self-interest to help others? The evolution and maintenance of cooperative behavior is a classic puzzle in evolutionary biology. In some animal societies, cooperation ...

Mar 05, 2007
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Mysteries of Rain and Snow

People have lived with rain and snow for millennia, and scientists have studied weather for more than a century. You might think that, after all that time, we would have precipitation pretty much figured out. ...

Mar 05, 2007
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Look Ma! No (Human) Hands!

It's the year 2020, and space has never been so busy. Picture this: In Earth orbit, a robotic maintenance ship skitters from one weather satellite to another, upgrading powerful optics that help meteorologists tr ...

Mar 05, 2007
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Finding the white wine difference

A CSIRO research team has pinpointed the genetic difference between red (or black) and white grapes – a discovery which could lead to the production of new varieties of grapes and ultimately new wines.

Mar 05, 2007
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