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Q&A: Bullying—how can we stop it, or, even better, prevent it?

The Children's Helpline receives more than 1,000 calls every day, of which the majority are about bullying, says spokesperson Lisette Potman. Children talk on the phone to volunteers and chat and exchange experiences with ...

Healthy connections can help kids cope with cyberbullying

TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, whatever the platform, if your teen is active on social media, they may encounter cyberbullying. In fact, 44% of Aussie teens say they've had a negative online experience in the past six months.

Rising temperatures linked to increased child neglect

As temperatures rise, so does the maltreatment of children, according to a new study from a researcher in the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. The study, released as a National Bureau of ...

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