In the Eastern US, spring flowers keep pace with warming climate

Using the meticulous phenological records of two iconic American naturalists, Henry David Thoreau and Aldo Leopold, scientists have demonstrated that native plants in the eastern United States are flowering as much as a month ...

In search of the big questions: Conserving the European Alps

In Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the world had to wait ten million years to learn the question to the ultimate answer.  This might be justifiable for a question of such staggering importance but it would ...

China development threatens wildlife, WWF says

From tigers to dolphins, animal populations in many of China's ecosystems have plummeted during decades of development and urbanisation, a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) study said Wednesday.

Stopping the invasive Amur honeysuckle

(—As leaves drop in autumn, it's not only a good time to enjoy the reds, yellows and oranges drifting from the trees—it's also a good time to kill honeysuckle.

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