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Japan's commercial whaling bid rejected by IWC

Japan's determined bid to return to commercial whale hunting was rejected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) Friday in a tense vote that exposed a deep split in the 72-year old organization.

dateSep 14, 2018 in Ecology
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IWC passes Brazil project to protect whales

Tempers flared at the International Whaling Commission on Thursday as it voted to back a Brazilian proposal which would safeguard the marine mammals in perpetuity, after a bitter debate.

dateSep 13, 2018 in Ecology
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Pro-hunting nations block whale sanctuary bid

Pro-whaling nations on Tuesday blocked a near two-decade effort to create a South Atlantic haven for the endangered marine mammals, deepening divisions at an already fractious International Whaling Commission meeting in Brazil.

dateSep 11, 2018 in Ecology
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