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Narwhals' hungry summers as climate warms

Narwhals may not be much good at hunting in summer, according to new research that warns the unicorn-tusked whales may be dangerously reliant on their ice-bound winter habitat that could "disappear" with climate change.

Water tests may fail to detect Legionella

Like false-negative results for virus testing, Flinders University experts have found that standard testing for Legionnaires' disease is not always failsafe.

How to re-wild a wetland: Focus on the groundwater

Using a first-of-its-kind approach that entailed drones and infrared imagery, researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst investigated a series of former commercial cranberry bogs in eastern Massachusetts that ...

Study finds that eDNA can help detect rainbow smelt

Searun rainbow smelt—a culturally and ecologically valuable fish for New England anglers, consumers and marine ecosystems—is on the decline. Determining the extent of that decline, however, is difficult in Maine. Searun ...

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