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Wetland plant removes PFAS

Ahead of World Water Day, new studies at Flinders University provide valuable insights into removing toxins from polluted waterways and improving filtration at urban wetlands.

Drones shed light on coastal water flows

Runoff in coastal waters is linked to pollution and degradation of coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have now been used to overcome the challenges of monitoring water flow between ecosystems ...

Video: Bioluminescence: Living light in the deep sea

A dive into the deep sea is like a trip to outer space. The descent into darkness reveals twinkling lights. Sunlight cannot penetrate to these depths. Instead, this light show comes from the animals that live here. Scientists ...

Mystery of glowing shrimp deepens

Many deep-sea shrimp glow but researchers have found the light organs in deep-sea shrimp may have evolved depending on depth and habitat.

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