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Secret life of sponges

Sponges are ancient marine animals, very common throughout the world's oceans and seem less affected by ocean warming and acidification.

Ocean heat is at record levels, with major consequences

The world witnessed record-breaking climate and weather disasters in 2021, from destructive flash floods that swept through mountain towns in Europe and inundated subway systems in China and the U.S., to heat waves and wildfires. ...

Moving objects straight off the printer

It seems like science fiction: a flat object issues from the 3D printer, then starts to fold itself. Albeit in a limited way, 4D printing was already possible, but now TU/e researcher Marc del Pozo Puig has developed a smart ...

Less snow, more rain in store for the Arctic, study finds

The Arctic is often thought of as a cold, white and snowy region, but this image is rapidly changing. The Arctic is currently warming much faster than the rest of the planet and is experiencing rapid sea ice loss.

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