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Russia puts mice, newts in space for a month (Update)

A Russian rocket carrying a capsule filled with 45 mice and 15 newts along with other small animals blasted off Friday on a month-long orbital mission that should pave the way for manned flights to Mars.

Russian bomb physicist Ginzburg dead at 93

Nobel Physics prize winner Vitaly Ginzburg, who helped develop the Soviet hydrogen bomb, has died at age 93, the Russian Academy of Sciences said Monday.

US cyberthreat at 'critical point': US intelligence chief

The threat of cyberattacks against the US is at a "critical point," the country's intelligence chief has warned, branding Russia the most "aggressive foreign actor" ahead of President Donald Trump's meeting with Vladimir ...

Failed launches cast shadow over Russian space program

Back-to-back rocket launch failures have dealt Russia one of the heaviest blows to its space industry since the Soviet collapse—with national pride and billions of dollars at stake.

Russia reports successful launch of new rocket

Russia successfully test-launched its new Angara rocket on Wednesday after a planned maiden flight overseen by President Vladimir Putin had to be aborted last month.

"Demokratia": mocking Russian politics through a videogame

Buy voters, divert public funds, become an all-powerful tsar: it's all part of the fun in videogame "Demokratia", whose merciless take on Russian politics has made it a runaway success in the land of Vladimir Putin.

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