Spacesuits need a major upgrade for the next phase of exploration

Humans have long dreamed of setting foot on the moon and other planetary bodies such as Mars. Since the 1960s, space travelers have donned suits designed to protect them from the vacuum of space and stepped out into the unknown.

Fitness tracker beyond Earth

One of the experiments during ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen's mission will track his health and body vital signs during his daily exercise in space.

Four feared dead after typhoon hits Japan

Two people were confirmed dead and another two were found "without vital signs" after Typhoon Nanmadol slammed into Japan over the weekend, a government spokesman said Tuesday.

World-first experiment using drones for wildlife health checks

A University of South Australia Ph.D. student can now add "world first" to her CV after collaborating with global cinematographer Douglas Thron to accurately measure heart and breathing rates of African wildlife filmed with ...

NASA's Eyes on the Earth puts the world at your fingertips

NASA's real-time 3D visualization tool Eyes on the Earth got a recent upgrade to include more datasets, putting the world at your fingertips. Using the tool, you can track the planet's vital signs—everything from carbon ...

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