Tiny orchid flowers pollinated by tiny flies

Researchers Yuta Sunakawa, Ko Mochizuki, and Atsushi Kawakita of the University of Tokyo have discovered the first orchid species pollinated by gall midges, a tiny fly species. This is the first documented case of an orchid ...

Climbers to pay $13 fee on popular Mount Fuji trail

Hikers using the most popular route to climb Japan's Mount Fuji will be charged $13 each from July, with numbers capped to ease congestion and improve safety, a regional official said Tuesday.

Venice to launch tourist tickets in 2024

Venice announced on Thursday that it would introduce a fee for day tourists to enter the city's overcrowded historic center on 29 days next year as it seeks to come to grips with overtourism.

Thousands more evacuated as Greece 'at war' with forest fires

Authorities evacuated nearly 2,500 people from the Greek island of Corfu on Monday as the prime minister warned that the heat-battered nation was "at war" with several wildfires and spoke of three difficult days ahead.

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