Deteriorating safety on frozen lakes in a warming world

Millions of international viewers enjoyed watching the reality TV show "Ice Road Truckers," in which experienced truck drivers were expected to master scary challenges, such as transporting heavy supplies across frozen lakes ...

U.S. can get close to deep decarbonization by 2050, study finds

The United States will get only partially toward deep reductions in greenhouse gasses with the policy tools currently available even in the scenario most favorable politically to decarbonization. That's the finding of a recent ...

The science behind winter storm chasing experiments

As the snowstorm headed through New York on February 24, one professor at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York spent the hours leading up to it preparing his students to head right into the storm.

Tires dumped in the ocean are killing hermit crabs

A pair of researchers at Hirosaki University, has found that tires discarded in the ocean trap and kill hermit crabs. Atsushi Sogabe and Kiichi Takatsuji have published their study in Royal Society Open Science.

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