After Harvey, misery piles on for Texas plant evacuees

First their neighborhood was deluged by Harvey's torrential rains. Then, officers turned up at the door with more bad news: there is a risk of a chemical blast at a nearby plant and it's time to evacuate.

'No way to prevent' explosion at Texas chemical plant

The operators of a flooded chemical plant outside Houston warned Wednesday they are dealing with a "critical issue" triggered by Harvey's torrential rains and have no means to prevent a possible explosion at the site.

NASA sees 14th eastern Pacific Ocean potential tropical cyclone

Potential tropical cyclone 14E of the Eastern Pacific Ocean hurricane season appeared to be coming together off the southwestern coast of Mexico. NASA's Aqua satellite captured temperature data on the storm that is producing ...

Typhoon weakens but could still threaten Japan

A typhoon that briefly strengthened into the Northern Hemisphere's strongest storm of the year has lost much of its punch but could still hit Japan by this weekend.

What is a hurricane?

The Caribbean's worst storm in nearly a decade, Hurricane Matthew, has already killed at least nine people and was threatening the southeastern US on Wednesday.

El Nino begins decline after 'powerful' impact: UN

The 2015-2016 El Nino weather phenomenon, one of the most powerful on record, has begun its decline but continues to have a strong influence on global climate patterns, the UN's weather agency said Thursday.

Philippine typhoon toll hits 54 as floods shift

The death toll from a ferocious typhoon in the Philippines climbed to 54 on Thursday, as home-wrecking floods shifted downstream to coastal villages, displacing tens of thousands of residents.

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