New tool to accelerate drug discovery

Inside your body on the surface of cell membranes, a metaphorical communication and traffic network is underway as hormones—or chemical messengers—bind to cell membrane receptors to fine tune how the cell behaves. Once ...

Web3 technology 'puts farmers in charge of their data'

Innovations such as Web3, the third generation of the internet, and easy-to-use video-based technologies in local languages have the potential to drive change in agriculture in developing countries, say technology advocates.

Ultra-high-rate plasma coating to improve surface function

A Toyohashi University of Technology research team led by lecturer Toru Harigai has developed an ultra-high-rate coating technology for functional hard carbon films using vacuum plasma. Functional hard carbon films with low ...

100 days of Cosmic Kiss mission

On 11 November 2021, ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer was launched to the International Space Station for his first mission, Cosmic Kiss. Around 100 days later, we reflect on some highlights from space.

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