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Using the past to maintain future biodiversity

New research shows that safeguarding species and ecosystems and the benefits they provide for society against future climatic change requires effective solutions which can only be formulated from reliable forecasts.

How racism contributes to 'a very ivory tower'

Blacks, Hispanics and other racial and ethnic minorities are not only underrepresented in science, they are also less likely to receive research funding or get published as often as white scientists, which can result in fewer ...

Women follow pandemic rules more strictly than men

Compared to other European countries and the U.S., Germans adopted social distancing even before it was encouraged by the authorities. In all eight countries surveyed, women adopted preventive behaviors more than men.

NASA fosters innovative ways to understand biodiversity

The yellow-billed cuckoo has soft brown wings, a white belly, a long tail with black and white spots, and is running out of places to live. The cuckoo's population in its native breeding range in the eastern United States ...

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