Reducing, reusing and recycling mining waste

Two approaches using existing low cost and low energy technologies to accelerate carbonation have demonstrated significant carbon capture over a very short period and the formation of carbonate minerals.

Could there be life in the cloudtops of Venus?

When it comes to places with the potential for habitability, Venus isn't usually on that list. The hot, greenhouse-effect-gone-mad neighboring planet with a crushing surface pressure and sulfuric acid clouds certainly isn't ...

Fertilizer sourced from sewage sludge

Germany's new Waste and Sewage Sludge Ordinance requires large sewage treatment plants to recover phosphates from sewage sludge or ashes as of 2032. Conventional recovery technologies are costly and chemical-laden. A new ...

Methylation and mopping up

LMU researchers have discovered a novel type of chemical modification in bacterial RNAs. The modification is apparently attached to molecules only when cells are under stress, and is rapidly removed during recovery.

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