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On-demand conformation of an artificial cytoskeleton

Peptide nanotubes are tubular-shaped structures formed by the controlled stacking of cyclic peptide components. These hollow biomaterials show inner and outer faces, allowing control over their properties.

Damage-reporting and self-healing skin-like polymeric coatings

Skin-like polymeric coatings are applied to the surfaces of automobiles, ships, and buildings to protect them from the external environment. As it is difficult to determine whether the currently used coatings are already ...

Individual cells are smarter than thought

Humans make decisions based on various sensory information, which is integrated into a holistic percept by the brain. But how do single cells make decisions? Much more autonomously than previously thought, as researchers ...

How climate change stresses plants and alters their growth

Plants that inhabit the Earth have the incredible ability to grow continually for hundreds of years, and always towards the light of the sun, which provides them with the necessary energy to sprout.

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