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Predicting amount of oil in contaminated soils

Scientists are reporting a new technique for mapping and testing oil-contaminated soils. Traditionally, samples need to be collected from the field and returned to a lab for extensive chemical analysis, costing time and money ...

New tool supports future of organic farming

A collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Yanmar, the Kyoto Institute of Technology, the SUGAR Network, and Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) has created a time-saving product for organic farmers.

Earthworm population triples with use of cover crops

Research from Cranfield University has found that using cover crops to protect soil and introduce organic matter increases earthworm numbers and provides financial savings for farmers.

In defense of ants

To the uninitiated there are two types of ants in the U.K.: the red ones that bite and black ants which invade our kitchens. Even more alarming is when hundreds of local ant colonies swarm and create a regional "flying ant ...

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