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'New normal' nudged people online

The national and local lockdowns put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to re-evaluate the way they lived and worked. Research published in the International Journal of Web Based Communities looks at ...

How social dynamics influence the gut microbes of wild lemurs

Humans aren't the only species whose social behaviors can impact their health. New research from The University of Texas at Austin shows that Verreaux's sifaka, a species of wild lemur native to Madagascar, have gut microbes ...

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Social interaction

Social interaction is a dynamic, changing sequence of social actions between individuals (or groups) who modify their actions and reactions according to those of their interaction partner(s). In other words, they are events in which people attach meaning to a situation, interpret what others are meaning, and respond accordingly.

Social interactions can be differentiated into:

In sociological hierarchy, social interaction is more advanced than behavior, action, social behavior, social action and social contact, and is in turn followed by more advanced concept of social relation. In other words, social interactions, which consist of social actions, form the basis for social relations.

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