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Students ordered to wear masks in smog-hit Lahore

Authorities in Pakistan ordered schoolchildren in the smog-smothered city of Lahore to wear masks during lessons starting Thursday, an effort to protect against hazardous levels of polluted air.

Polish researchers invent anti-smog sound cannon

In a battle against Poland's constant smog, scientists are testing out a new "cannon" that uses soundwaves to push toxic particles higher into the atmosphere to allow residents to breathe.

Indian capital opens first 'smog tower'

India's capital New Delhi opened its first "smog tower" on Monday aimed at reducing the air pollution blamed for thousands of premature deaths every year, but experts were sceptical.

Smog-plagued Warsaw to limit access by car, coal heating

Authorities in smog-plagued Warsaw revealed plans Wednesday to further limit car access to the city center, cut down on coal heating in private homes and expand green areas in a drive to improve the city's air quality.

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