Women sidelined in agri-tech revolution

The exclusion of women in the digital world is hurting agricultural productivity in low- and middle- income countries, according to global technology experts.

Web3 technology 'puts farmers in charge of their data'

Innovations such as Web3, the third generation of the internet, and easy-to-use video-based technologies in local languages have the potential to drive change in agriculture in developing countries, say technology advocates.

Opportunities for natural enemy to fight devastating fall armyworm

A new CABI-led review has highlighted mass rearing techniques, estimated costs of mass production and release strategies for the natural enemy Telenomus remus that suggests it could be effective in the fight against the devastating ...

Implementing sustainable nitrogen use in smallholder rice

Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems has published the results of a "mini-review" examining 46 peer-reviewed studies that compared site-specific nutrient management (SSNM) approaches for rice against existing farmer fertilization ...

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