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Some high-threat volcanoes are severely understudied: Study

The Cascade Volcanic Arc stretches from Northern California to southern British Columbia and contains more than a dozen volcanoes. The U.S. Geological Survey classifies 11 of them, including Mount Baker and Mount Hood, as ...

Listen to Iceland's recent seismic activity

As seismic activity intensifies ahead of an impending eruption of a fissure near Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano, the island's Reykjanes Peninsula is experiencing hundreds of earthquakes per day.

Scientists discover molten layer covering Martian core

NASA's InSight mission to Mars helped scientists map out Mars' internal structure, including the size and composition of its core, and provided general hints about its tumultuous formation.

Deciphering the intensity of past ocean currents

Ocean currents determine the structure of the deep-sea ocean floor and the transport of sediments, organic carbon, nutrients and pollutants. In flume-tank experiments, researchers from MARUM—Center for Marine Environmental ...

AI-driven earthquake forecasting shows promise in trials

A new attempt to predict earthquakes with the aid of artificial intelligence has raised hopes that the technology could one day be used to limit earthquakes' impact on lives and economies. Developed by researchers at The ...

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