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Europe's Vega rocket successfully launches

Europe's Vega rocket took off overnight Wednesday from French Guiana with Earth observation satellites on board, six months after losing two satellites.

Coldest recorded cloud temperature measured by satellite

A new paper led by Dr. Simon Proud, research fellow at the Department of Physics and the National Centre for Earth Observation, describes an unprecedentedly cold temperature measured atop a severe thunderstorm cloud in the ...

Measuring shoreline retreat with Earth observation satellites

Climate change is having an undeniable influence on coastal areas. A substantial proportion of the world's sandy coastlines are already eroding owing to increased storm surges, flooding and sea level rise. With our coastal ...

A fine-grained view of dust storms

A satellite-based dataset generated by KAUST researchers has revealed the dynamics of dust storm formation and movements over the last decade in the Arabian Peninsula. Analysis of this long-term dataset reveals the connection ...

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