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Researchers teach robots to touch

Touching and grasping objects are surprisingly complex processes, an area where contemporary robots are still clumsy. Principal investigator Jukka Häkkinen, Ph.D., and post-doctoral researcher Jussi Hakala, D.Sc. (Tech), ...

dateMay 08, 2018 in Robotics
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How automation will make oil rigs safer

Offshore oil rigs can be extremely dangerous places to work. Over the last few decades, several offshore explosions have led to environmental disasters and the death of workers. Regulations have so far failed to stop fatal ...

dateApr 27, 2018 in Engineering
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New invention revolutionizes exoskeletons

Aalborg researchers have developed a new type of mechanical joint that can support shoulders and hips smarter than ever before. The joint which is compact enough to be worn hidden under clothing, has already won international ...

dateApr 24, 2018 in Engineering
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