Carbon dioxide, not water, triggers explosive basaltic volcanoes

Geoscientists have long thought that water—along with shallow magma stored in Earth's crust—drives volcanoes to erupt. Now, thanks to newly developed research tools at Cornell, scientists have learned that gaseous carbon ...

Researchers use X-rays to find the best antibodies

Antibody therapies have a variety of uses, but we need to know which therapies work and which ones don't. Recent research has discovered a means to determine how effective certain antibodies can be in medical scenarios.

Yoga offers a mindful boost to business

Research in the International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets has looked at the impact of yoga on the skill set and well-being of business executives in transitioning economies. Rather than the practice of yoga being ...

Adding snow to estimates of spring flooding

The risk of flooding in the continental United States peaks every spring. Experts point to deep snowpack, late winter storms, and rapid melting.

Study reveals reason hellbenders are disappearing

The gigantic, slimy salamanders known as hellbenders, once the apex predators of many freshwater streams, have been in decline for decades, their population constantly shrinking. No one knew why. William Hopkins, professor ...

A wise tool for modifying microbes

A DNA editing tool adapted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists makes engineering microbes for everything from bioenergy production to plastics recycling easier and faster.

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