Dogs, antennas and honey for Japan's big bear problem

Thousands of bears are being shot in Japan each year as they become more and more of a problem. Junpei Tanaka and his dog Rela, straining at her leash in the woods, have a kinder, smarter way.

Advanced GNSS technique enhances accuracy in landslide monitoring

In a study published on 13 November 2023, in the journal Satellite Navigation, researchers from Chang'an University have developed a novel approach using the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technique combined with a cumulative ...

New method for identifying bacteria more easily

Far too many antibiotics are used around the world. As a result, bacteria are becoming resistant to these drugs. Curing bacterial diseases is becoming more difficult than before because antibiotics are perhaps our foremost ...

More than 20-year-old assumption about beer aroma disproved

Hops-derived constituents not only increase shelf-life and bitterness of beer, but can also significantly influence aroma. An important hop odorant is linalool, which has a floral and citrus-like scent.

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