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Salamander species can regenerate its skin without scars

Although human skin heals from injuries and wounds, many of us have scars that are left behind. Scar formation happens in adult mammals because skin regeneration does not fully occur. This poses a challenge to physicians ...

Tropical forests regrow surprisingly fast

Tropical forests are converted at an alarming rate through deforestation. A new study, published in Science, shows that regrowing tropical forests recover surprisingly fast on abandoned land.

How Hydra animals regenerate their own heads

A new paper in Genome Biology and Evolution maps out for the first time how Hydra, which are a group of small aquatic animals, can regenerate their own heads by changing the way that their genes are regulated, known as epigenetics.

Intestinal regeneration: Lessons from organoid research

The last decade has seen a boom in the field of organoids, miniature organs grown from stem cells in vitro. These systems recapitulate the cell type composition and numerous functions of parent organs—such as brain, kidney, ...

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