Researchers invent 100% biodegradable 'barley plastic'

A biofriendly new material made from barley starch blended with fiber from sugarbeet waste—a strong material that turns into compost should it end up in nature—has been created at the University of Copenhagen. In the ...

Synthetic leather made from recyclable and bio-based PBS

A new type of pure synthetic leather meets the high requirements of the European Ecodesign Regulation. Made from a bio-based plastic, it is biodegradable and meets the requirements for a closed recycling process.

Using pyrolysis for high-quality recycled plastics

Plastics made of polycarbonate are sought-after materials in industrial applications thanks to their versatility and high quality. However, recycling of plastic waste is still running up against limits these days, as mechanical ...

Why recycling plastic is not a quick fix

Considering the climate crisis and worldwide plastic pollution, many people believe that recycling materials, in particular plastic, is the solution to our problems. Recycling can reduce resource use, prevent waste and reduce ...

Diapers can be recycled 200 times faster with light

More than 100,000 tons of diapers are disposed of annually in Germany. Vast amounts of valuable resources, such as diaper liners, end up in the trash. The liners consist of special polymers, so-called superabsorbers.

UN maps out decarbonization of polluting construction sector

The construction sector—the most polluting and difficult to decarbonize—must build less, use more sustainable materials and clean up conventional ones to slash its emissions, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

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