My kid won't read chapter books. What do I do?

Many children start school excited about learning to read. And parents too! After many years of reading and re-reading (seemingly ad nauseam) favorite picture books aloud, it's thrilling to see your child develop their own ...

'She' goes missing from presidential language

Throughout most of 2016, a significant percentage of the American public believed that the winner of the November 2016 presidential election would be a woman—Hillary Clinton.

Read aloud to your children to boost their vocabulary

Words are powerful, and a rich vocabulary can provide young people with significant advantages. Successful vocabulary development is associated with better vocational, academic and health outcomes.

Disorder during language lessons at ethnically diverse schools

Pupils at schools with greater ethnic diversity experience more disorder during language lessons. This is one of the outcomes of research conducted by Gert-Jan Veerman, Lecturer in Education Studies at the Christelijke Hogeschool ...

Dropping the volume around schools can improve learning

There's no escaping noise, whether it's caused by traffic, construction, or planes flying overhead. Usually we have no choice but to get on with our daily lives and in many instances noise is little more than an annoyance. ...

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