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Physicists reach atomic-scale telegraphy with light

In the 1880s Heinrich Hertz discovered that a spark jumping between two pieces of metal emits a flash of light—rapidly oscillating electromagnetic waves—which can be picked up by an antenna. To honor his groundbreaking ...

Combating disruptive 'noise' in quantum communication

In a significant milestone for quantum communication technology, an experiment has demonstrated how networks can be leveraged to combat disruptive 'noise' in quantum communications.

Researcher creates algorithm to aid in discovery of new medicines

Ph.D. candidate Jeroen Methorst has developed a computer system that helps researchers find the protein they need to create new medicines. "Our whole group is now using this program," says Methorst. He will defend his Ph.D. ...

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Quantum channel

In quantum information theory, a quantum channel is a communication channel which can transmit quantum information, as well as classical information. An example of quantum information is the state of a qubit. An example of classical information is a text document transmitted over the internet.

More formally, quantum channels are completely positive, trace preserving maps between spaces of operators, as defined more precisely below.

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