Revolutionary hardware unveils new quantum computing model

A potentially game-changing theoretical approach to quantum computing hardware avoids much of the problematic complexity found in current quantum computers. The strategy implements an algorithm in natural quantum interactions ...

Who's afraid of quantum computing?

The road to a quantum future may be longer and more winding than some expect, but the potential it holds is profound, writes UTS Associate Professor Chris Ferrie.

Securing supply chains with quantum computing

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown how vulnerable global supply chains can be. International events can disrupt manufacturing, delay shipping, induce panic buying and send energy costs soaring.

Deep learning for quantum sensing

Quantum sensing represents one of the most promising applications of quantum technologies, with the aim of using quantum resources to improve measurement sensitivity. In particular, sensing of optical phases is one of the ...

Using 'cat states' to realize fault-tolerant quantum computers

Error correction in quantum computers could be simplified by a new protocol proposed by an all-RIKEN team based on "cat states." It could cut the computing resources needed to fix errors to the same level as conventional ...

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