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How can we bring down the costs of large space telescopes?

We're all basking in the success of the James Webb Space Telescope. It's fulfilling its promise as our most powerful telescope, making all kinds of discoveries that we've been anticipating and hoping for. But the JWST's story ...

Should the next big observatories be built on the moon?

We have built telescopes in our backyards, and high upon remote mountains, and even launched telescopes into space. With each advancement in our technology, we have made amazing and surprising new discoveries about the universe. ...

What is the Fluidic Telescope?

The Fluidic Telescope (FLUTE) project team, jointly led by NASA and Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, envisions a way to make huge circular self-healing mirrors in-orbit to further the field of astronomy. Larger ...

Webb captures luminous, face-on spiral galaxy NGC 7469

Webb's picture of the month for December is dominated by NGC 7469, a luminous, face-on spiral galaxy approximately 90,000 light-years in diameter that lies roughly 220 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Pegasus.

Webb telescope promises new age of the stars

The James Webb Space Telescope lit up 2022 with dazzling images of the early universe after the Big Bang, heralding a new era of astronomy and untold revelations about the cosmos in years to come.

NASA Webb micrometeoroid mitigation update

Micrometeoroid strikes are an unavoidable aspect of operating any spacecraft. NASA's James Webb Space Telescope was engineered to withstand continual bombardment from these dust-sized particles moving at extreme velocities, ...

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