How air pollution changed during COVID-19 in Park City, Utah

As luck would have it, the air quality sensors that University of Utah researcher Daniel Mendoza and his colleagues installed in Park City, Utah in September 2019, hoping to observe how pollution rose and fell through the ...

Mercury pollution significantly higher in Victoria

"Historically lax" regulations around pollution control have led to much higher levels of mercury emission from coal-fired power stations in Victoria, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU).

Rewilding cities: grow back greener, cleaner and healthier

One of the lasting legacies of COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps, is our increased appreciation of open green spaces across towns and cities. Those of us living in bustling cities, have experienced, to various extents, the power ...

How food production emissions are harming health

While increased agriculture production has reduced hunger, it is also linked to unhealthy diets and increased emissions that are severely affecting human health, says a study.

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