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Millennials commit less crime than prior generations

Crime has dropped since 1990, but not for the reasons some might think, according to a new study. Research from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin suggests crime reduction efforts account ...

Community and officer buy-in might be key to police reform

The guilty verdicts delivered against Derek Chauvin on April 20, 2021, represented a landmark moment—but courtroom justice cannot deliver the sweeping changes most Americans feel are needed to improve policing in the U.S.

Psychologists explore cops' decisions to shoot

Can training help prevent police officers from shooting unarmed Black men? Maybe not, according to new research from the University of Colorado Boulder, which found that inducing cognitive load—taxing the brain's working ...

Off-duty Italy art cops find looted statue in Belgian shop

Italian police say they have recovered a 1st century Roman statue that was stolen from an archaeological site in 2011 and found in a Belgian antiques shop by two off-duty Italian art squad police officers.

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A police service is a public force empowered to enforce the law and to ensure public and social order through the legitimized use of force.

The term is most commonly associated with police services of a state that are authorized to exercise the police power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. The word comes via French Policier, from Latin politia ("civil administration"), from ancient Greek πόλις ("city").

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