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Can golf courses help save the planet? Ask a herd of wild pigs

An Arizona golf course, so picture-perfect it was described as "the Imax of golf", was wantonly trashed by intruders in the autumn of 2023. But no, this was not Just Stop Oil back for another round, nor the result of a disgruntled ...

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Sus barbatus Sus bucculentus Sus cebifrons Sus celebensis Sus domesticaSus falconeriSus hysudricus Sus oliveri Sus philippensis Sus scrofaSus strozzi Sus verrucosus

Pigs are a genus of even-toed ungulates within the family Suidae. The name hog most commonly refers to the domestic pig (Sus domestica) in everyday parlance, but technically encompasses several distinct species, including the Wild Boar. Swine is a non-declensive noun generally used to describe a herd of pigs rather than an individual, however it may often be implied in a pejorative manner to any living being expressing pig-like behaviour.

With around 2 billion on the planet, domestic pigs are also by far the most numerous pig species. Pigs are omnivores, and despite their reputation for gluttony, they are generally social and intelligent animals.

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