New frog species discovered

UCF student Veronica Urgiles has helped describe two new frog species discovered in Ecuador, and she named one of them after one of her professors.

Latitudinal gradient of plant phylogenetic diversity explained

Why are there so many species in the tropics? For centuries, scientists have been searching for the causes of the latitudinal gradient in species diversity—a pattern that has been documented for most groups of living species, ...

Unravelling the costs of rubber agriculture on biodiversity

Rubber plantations are a rapidly spreading agroecosystem in Southeast Asia and they are likely to have profound impacts on biodiversity due to the disruption of the natural landscape. Therefore, researchers at Okinawa Institute ...

Extinctions, loss of habitat harm evolutionary diversity

A mathematically driven evolutionary snapshot of woody plants in four similar climates around the world has given scientists a fresh perspective on genetic diversity and threats posed by both extinctions and loss of habitat.

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