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Scientists discover a new velvet worm species in Ecuador

Scientists have described the first new species of Ecuadorian velvet worm in more than 100 years. Named the Tiputini velvet worm (Oroperipatus tiputini), it was discovered in the lowland forests of the northern Amazon.

How divorce is boosting gender equality in Sweden—new study

Single mothers are one of the most vulnerable groups in societies around the world. In Sweden, the number of women with these care responsibilities has nearly halved over the past two decades. What has caused this change? ...

How can we get dads to work less and do more around the house?

Would more dads work fewer hours if other dads decided to do the same? Would paid parental leave prompt them to do more around the house? How do social norms affect inequalities within the labor market? Researcher Dr. Max ...

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A parent is a mother or father; one who sires or gives birth to and/or nurtures and raises an offspring. The different roles of parents vary throughout the tree of life, and are especially complex in human culture.

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