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Research shows baby bird development harmed by sound of cars

A new study by Deakin researchers, published in Science, proves that traffic noise exposure in baby birds directly interferes with their development, which causes severe and long-lasting harm to those chicks.

Energy price hikes hit older people hardest, study finds

Adults ages 60 and up in developed nations are spending more money on energy than younger counterparts—and are also more likely to struggle to reduce those higher costs, according to research led in part by University of ...

Nearly half of Britons say women's equality has gone far enough

Nearly one in two Britons (47%) say that when it comes to giving women equal rights with men, things have gone far enough in Great Britain—compared to 38% who said the same last year. And for the first time in this data ...

Benefits messaging boosts consumer plant purchasing

A deeper understanding of the relationship between plant benefits, consumer perceptions, and demographic differences is important when shaping marketing strategies for communicating the benefits of plants. In the ornamental ...

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