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Researchers detect heavy oxygen isotope in Earth's stratosphere

A study of the upper atmosphere's composition has successfully measured an increased presence of 18O, a heavier oxygen isotope with 10 instead of eight neutrons. Helmut Wiesemeyer (MPIfR Bonn) and his colleagues have measured ...

Amazon basin tree rings hold a record of the region's rainfall

The Amazon basin contains the world's largest rain forest, famous for its rich biodiversity and importance in the world's oxygen and carbon cycles. It also has an outsized influence on water cycles in South America and beyond. ...

Climate and currents shaped Japan's hunter-gatherer cultures

The island prefecture of Hokkaidō, Japan's second-largest island, has a rich cultural history of hunter-gatherers both on land and at sea. Over thousands of years through the Holocene and into the 19th century, the prevalence ...

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Isotopes of oxygen

There are three stable isotopes of oxygen that lead to oxygen (O) having a standard atomic mass of 15.9994(3) u. Also 10 unstable isotopes have been characterized.

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