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An examination of federal personnel changes in the Trump era

According to a new analysis, the total number of people employed full-time by the U.S. federal government remained largely unchanged by the end of the Trump administration, but with significant variation in growth, downsizing, ...

Why are women opting out of marriage around the world?

News headlines such as "Why More Women Are Choosing to Stay Single Now," "Craving Freedom, Japan's Women Opt Out of Marriage," "Nearly Half of Canadians Feel "Marriage is Simply Not Necessary,'" and "Chileans are Marrying ...

The science of happy holidays

Anyone who has seen a holiday movie knows that seasonal gatherings should be joyous occasions that enrich lives and deepen connections among friends and family. They are times for finding new love, overcoming personal faults, ...

How can women build high-status networks?

New research from ESMT Berlin finds that men are more likely to leverage co-location and face-to-face interactions to build high-status connections. Women, by contrast, are more effective at connecting with high-status colleagues ...

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