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Facebook at 15: a titan with grown-up woes

Fifteen years after its founding, Facebook has made strides toward Mark Zuckerberg's goal of connecting the world. But it has also made some huge missteps that have turned some of its cheerleaders into vocal detractors.

dateFeb 01, 2019 in Internet
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Facebook sees higher profits, more friends

Facebook said Wednesday that quarterly profit climbed to an all-time record $6.9 billion as it boosted its global user base despite scandals that have dented the leading social network's image.

dateJan 30, 2019 in Internet
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Keep your friends close

Online social networks, such as the well-known Facebook, allow users to form connections with each other quickly and easily. A user might invite another to become their "friend," "like" a page they have created on the system, ...

dateNov 14, 2018 in Social Sciences
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