Whale shark observed bottom-feeding for first time

A shark specialist and a life scientist are reporting on video evidence of a whale shark observed bottom-feeding for the first time. Darren Whitehead, Investigación Tiburones México and Joel Gayford, a life scientist at ...

Researchers conduct whale fall studies in the South China Sea

In the late 1980s, scientists discovered that when a whale dies, its carcass sinks to the ocean bottom and a new ecosystem springs forth around the carcass. The carcass becomes a food source for this new ecosystem. A team ...

The ocean is not a quiet place

For a long time, the great ocean explorers used sight to reveal the secrets of the marine environment, downplaying its acoustic aspects. Indeed, the ocean has long been considered a place devoid of any sound.

Deep-sea worms and bacteria team up to harvest methane

Scientists at Caltech and Occidental College have discovered a methane-fueled symbiosis between worms and bacteria at the bottom of the sea, shedding new light on the ecology of deep-sea environments.

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