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Using AI to create better, more potent medicines

While it can take years for the pharmaceutical industry to create medicines capable of treating or curing human disease, a new study suggests that using generative artificial intelligence could vastly accelerate the drug-development ...

Video: Picking up lightsabers for Mars

Detect, fetch and collect. A seemingly easy task is being tested to find the best strategy to collect samples on the martian surface, some 290 000 million km away from home.

AI powers second-skin-like wearable tech

A new ultra-thin skinpatch with nanotechnology able to monitor 11 human health signals has been developed by researchers at Monash University.

PeSTo: A new AI tool for predicting protein interactions

Scientists at EPFL have developed PeSTo, an AI model that can predict, with high confidence, the binding interfaces of proteins when they bind other proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, ions, and small molecules. The model's ...

Automated detection of embryonic developmental defects

Complex multicellular organisms can only emerge from fertilized eggs because embryonic development is biologically precisely regulated. Cellular communication through signaling pathways plays a crucial role in this context. ...

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