Researchers aim to solve the rare earths crisis

During a time of immense global uncertainty, managing supply chains for critical materials has been a top priority for many governments and large organizations. But what happens when certain materials are concentrated in ...

'Supergene' wreaks havoc in a genome

The human genome is littered with "selfish genetic elements," which do not seem to benefit their hosts, but instead seek only to propagate themselves.

Allow children to play in nature on their own more often

Places to play outdoors for children are increasingly located in the built-up environment and often look gray, with few natural elements. However, nature can add something, especially in outdoor play areas where children ...

Nature can reduce costs, extend life for infrastructure projects

A newly published article hopes to stir discussion around adoption of construction designs and methods that utilize nature to cut costs, extend project lifecycles and improve ecological synergy, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife ...

Bread mould avoids infection by mutating its own DNA

Whilst most organisms try to stop their DNA from mutating, scientists from the UK and China have discovered that a common fungus found on bread actively mutates its own DNA as a way of fighting virus-like infections.

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