Site-directed mutagenesis in wheat via haploid induction by maize

A new study recently published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal demonstrates how site-directed mutagenesis can be achieved in virtually any wheat germplasm by intergeneric pollination of wheat with cas9/guide-RNA (gRNA)-transgenic ...

New hair follicles can corral skin cancer

The same genetic mutations that can trigger cancer in some tissues are relatively harmless in others. A new Yale study has identified an unlikely source of protection against some forms of skin cancer—hair follicle regeneration.

Research uncovers elusive process essential to plant greening

Despite how essential plants are for life on Earth, little is known about how parts of plant cells orchestrate growth and greening. By creating mutant plants, UC Riverside researchers have uncovered a cellular communication ...

Nuclear membrane Lem2 necessary for nuclear scaling

A study led by Hiroshima University finds that nuclear membrane protein Lem2 acts as a valve to control the size of the nucleus, keeping it in proportion to the size of the cell

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