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Decrypting lunar craters quickly and easily

The surface of the moon tells the story of the inner solar system. Every meteorite that hits leaves its mark, and together those craters hold a record of the events that have occurred on and around the moon over the past ...

Researchers find new water reservoir on moon

Lunar surface water has attracted much attention due to its potential for in-situ resource utilization by future lunar exploration missions and other space missions

NASA has simulated a tiny part of the moon here on Earth

Before going to the moon, the Apollo astronauts trained at various sites on Earth that best approximated the lunar surface, such as the volcanic regions Iceland, Hawaii and the U.S. Southwest. To help prepare for upcoming ...

Rare Apollo mission moon rock back in Cyprus after 50 years

Half a century after U.S. astronauts brought it back from the moon's surface, a minute piece of extraterrestrial rock has finally reached its intended destination, the east Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus.

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