Controlling the speed of magnetic devices

In an international collaboration led by scientists from the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin, a novel approach to controlling the speed of magnetic processes has been developed.

The puzzle of the 'lost' angular momentum

In a closed physical system, the sum of all angular momentum remains constant, according to an important physical law of conservation. Angular momentum does not necessarily need to involve "real" bodily rotation in this context: ...

Using the principle of coherent feedback to cool a quantum system

We've all experienced the principle of feedback—for example, when we use a thermostat in conjunction with a heating system to regulate indoor temperature. The thermostat measures the current temperature, compares it with ...

Physicists discover special transverse sound wave

Can you imagine sound traveling in the same way as light does? A research team at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has discovered a new type of sound wave: The airborne sound wave vibrates transversely and carries both ...

Arecibo data still yielding galactic insights

Data collected by the Arecibo Radio Telescope before it collapsed late last year will help astronomers better understand how our local neighborhood of galaxies formed.

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