More possible branches to the domain of life

( -- When it comes to the current domain of life, we are familiar with the three branches: bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes. However, Jonathan Eisen of UC Davis and his team have published possible evidence ...

Findings uncover new details about mysterious virus

( -- An international team of researchers has determined key structural features of the largest known virus, findings that could help scientists studying how the simplest life evolved and whether the unusual virus ...

Marseillevirus, new giant virus discovered

Scientists in France have isolated a new giant virus that lurks inside amoeba and whose gene pool includes genetic material from other species.

Giant virus found in marine predatory plankton

Researchers have identified a marine giant virus that infects Cafeteria roenbergensis, a widespread planktonic predator that occupies a key position in marine food webs, according to a study.


Mimivirus is a viral genus containing a single identified species named Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus (APMV), or is a group of phylogenetically related large viruses (designated usually MimiN). In colloquial speech, APMV is more commonly referred to as just “mimivirus”. Until October 2011, when a larger virus Megavirus chilensis was described, it had largest capsid diameter of all known viruses. Mimivirus has a large and complex genome compared with most other viruses.

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