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For dairy farms, flaring methane offers mitigation option

As New York's dairy farms get larger and store more manure – rather than spread it – methane emissions have doubled in the last two decades. To reduce this potent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, Cornell researchers ...

As Alaska warms, methane emissions appear stable, study finds

Analysis of nearly three decades of air samples from Alaska's North Slope shows little change in long-term methane emissions despite significant Arctic warming over that time period, according to new research published in ...

3-D printed polymer turns methane to methanol

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists have combined biology and 3-D printing to create the first reactor that can continuously produce methanol from methane at room temperature and pressure.

NASA spots single methane leak from space for the first time

For the first time, an instrument onboard an orbiting spacecraft has measured the methane emissions from a single, specific leaking facility on Earth's surface. The observation—by the Hyperion spectrometer on NASA's Earth ...

Arctic Ocean methane does not reach the atmosphere

250 methane flares release the climate gas methane from the seabed and into the Arctic Ocean. During the summer months this leads to an increased methane concentration in the ocean. But surprisingly, very little of the climate ...

Drugs and dung a bad mix for climate: study

Scientists have discovered a potential threat to Earth's climate lurking in a dark and smelly place: the dung of cattle treated with antibiotics, a study said Wednesday.

Methane and carbon dioxide on the rise

Satellite readings show that atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide are continuing to increase despite global efforts to reduce emissions.

US unveils first federal methane regulations

The United States on Thursday unveiled the first federal regulations on methane—a powerful greenhouse gas that accelerates global warming—aimed at reducing emissions from new oil and gas operations.

US proposes to cut methane from oil, gas by nearly half

The Obama administration issued a final rule Thursday to sharply cut methane emissions from U.S. oil and gas production, a key part of a push by President Barack Obama to reduce methane emissions by nearly half over the next ...

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