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Blueprint to more productive cattle herds

Genome technology has unlocked new cattle breeding methods which could improve fertility and lead to increases in profitability, sustainability and productivity.

Methane: Emissions increase and it's not good news

Of course, carbon dioxide plays a key role in global warming, but among all the greenhouse gases, methane deserves special attention because of its larger global warming potential (28 times higher than carbon dioxide on a ...

Make your own greenhouse gas logger

Researchers at Linköping University's Department of Thematic Studies, Environmental Change, have developed a simple logger for greenhouse gas flows. It is built using inexpensive and easily available parts, and provides ...

Study finds warming peat may boost greenhouse gases

Warming temperatures in cold-climate peatlands may over time trigger decomposition of old, deeply buried peat and increase emissions of climate-harming methane and carbon dioxide into the air, according to a study led by ...

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