How 'viral dark matter' may help mitigate climate change

A deep dive into the 5,500 marine RNA virus species scientists recently identified has found that several may help drive carbon absorbed from the atmosphere to permanent storage on the ocean floor.

Cells hold the secrets of aging

Most of us think about getting older from time to time, noticing how the years slip by and counting the gray hairs. Some of us even try and fight back, rubbing anti-aging creams into our cheeks and turning to ideas like fasting.

SRC-3 is a key regulator of the 12-hour clock

Many people have heard of the circadian rhythms or biological processes that follow a 24-hour cycle. Sleeping at night and being awake during the day is a well-known example of a circadian rhythm. Less well known are the ...

How bacteria cope with stress

When exposed to stress, bacteria allow their metabolism to take a break during which they suppress, for example, the incorporation of proteins into membranes. Scientists from Marburg, Freiburg and Munich have discovered this ...

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